For me, writing is a natural expression of my wild-borne humanness– it emerges out of a constant contact with the sensuous, sonorous realms of ecology, place, spirit, poetry, and psyche.  Daily I try to remember: Life is not about us– We are about Life.

Traversing continents and accounting countless miles, in both exterior and interior wilds, my writing aims to render my experience of earth into a language that is both feral and elegant– like a child, covered in mud at the pond’s edge, trying to learn Raccoon.

On this blog you will find some of my work– poems, excerpts from travelogues, youtube videos, personal essays, articles, and occasional meditations.  If you enjoy the work, I encourage you to subscribe.

Go Light,


Say not, “I have found the one true path of the Spirit!”

Say rather, “I have met the Spirit walking on my path.”

For the Spirit walks on all paths.

                                                                                Kahil Gibrain

Writer and Reader – the Great Dance

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